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1800 and 1300 Business Numbers Will Enhance Your Brand Image: Learn the Benefits Here!

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1800 and 1300 number provide a range of benefits that improve call management, customer service and overall efficiency.
1800 And 1300 are more than just a number! Did you know that using 1800 and 1300 numbers in Australia for your business boost your brand image and that you give your business an edge with these free or low call-cost numbers?

1800 and 1300 number provide a range of benefits that improve call management, customer service and overall efficiency. It not only conveys professionalism, it actively invites the customer through free or reduced call rate calls to engage with you and also projects a powerful message for your business. Combine it with Tiggadesk, and it becomes part of your branding and reputation strategy. So, no matter what type of business you have, a startup or an established one, whether you’re in marketing, consulting, trade or retail – there are many ways you can benefit from offering your customers access via a 1300 or 1800 number. Let’s go through a few benefits below.

Benefits of Toll Free Numbers 1800

1. Portability: Portability is the one of the most important reason behind the enhanced usefulness of a toll-free number 1800.

2. Improved Credibility: An 1800 phone number improves the credibility of a business. And so, the 1800 numbers cost could be looked at as promotional and sales cost, like advertising!

3. All-Time Availability: No matter where your business is located, your offer all-time availability which greatly improves your brand’s image amongst consumers; this will lead ultimately to increased lead generation and higher conversion rates.

4. Maximum Lead Generation and Conversion: For start-ups to create their brand image and built-up a clientele, generating a high volume of leads is important. A 1800 phone number helps your business achieving this goal, since you offer maximum accessibility to your customers.

5. Easy to Memorise: One step further, you could consider having a vanity or even 6 digit 18 number: easier for the callers to remember and hence another step in enhanced accessibility.

Benefits of Local call costs Numbers 1300

An 1300 number in Australia is also known as a ‘local call’ number. To receive incoming phone calls from clients and customers, it’s a widely used and accepted communication solution, utilised by many Australian businesses. And when it comes to comparing the 1800 numbers cost to its 1300 number sister, the 1300 is far more cost-efficient.

Is cost efficiency the only reason why 1300 numbers are so popular? Not only! Here are some benefits for your business when using a 1300 local call number.

1. 1300 numbers improve your marketing strategy by making you standing out from competitors using normal landline numbers.

2. 1300 numbers are user-friendly for consumers and for the businesses that use them: one number for life, no matter where the business geographically goes.

3. 1300 numbers are extremely user-friendly, especially when opting for a 6 digit 13 or vanity 13 number.

4. With a 1300 number, customers have to pay expensive call costs to get in touch with your business.

5. Using a 1300 number contributes to your professional identity and credibility; you will be perceived as a much bigger business

6. It improves your customer service abilities, especially when combined with an intelligent or cloud based phone system

The Bottom Line

1800 numbers are toll-free or free-call numbers for which the owner bears all the cost of incoming calls, rather than the person calling up. Research shows that 1300 numbers (local call costs for all callers) are nationally recognised and even more popular, since they’re a good compromise between 1300/1800 advantages and the 1300 and 1800 numbers cost. At the moment, over 300,000 professional Australian businesses are using them. So start converting leads into customers today with a 1800 or 1300 business number!

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