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75 Fun Colour Themes to Add More Oomph to Your Hens Party
Whether you are planning a hens party at home or in a lavish venue, choosing the right colour palette for your hens party is essential to set the tone for the entire celebration. In fact, choosing the right colour scheme is the first step in planning your hens night event.
Posted on Dec-29-2020

104 Expert Tips to Choose Your Bride Tribe for the Hens Party
Having your family, friends, nearest, and dearest standing by your side at the alter on your big day is a moment of pride for you. But, choosing the bride tribe is one of the trickiest parts.
Posted on Oct-30-2020

97 Expert Tips to Plan a COVID-safe Hens Party
COVID – 19 has changed the nature of function centres and events industry, and how they work. As businesses in the hospitality sector are re-opening, they are taking necessary measures to ensure safety in the post-COVID-19 world.
Posted on Oct-06-2020

115 Fabulous Ideas to Create a Magical Wintery Hens Party
Winter is a perfect time to host a hens party because it’s so cosy and romantic. It calls for a magical wintery theme without being stylish. With a theme like a winter wonderland, you can include romantic, glittery, and warm textures that add more detail and fun to your hens party.
Posted on Aug-19-2020

131 Different Theme Ideas to Create the Best Hens Night Ever
Do you want everyone to be a part of your hens night and make it a night to remember? It’s time to choose a theme for your hens party. You can get more creative with your theme as far as the bride is happy with your choice.
Posted on Jun-25-2020

134 The Etiquette of a Hens Party
When hosting a hens party, there are rules that all ladies must follow, from choosing the one who covers the cost to the dress code. The ultimate goal of throwing a hens party is that everyone should have a great time at the party while celebrating the bride’s last fling before the ring.
Posted on Jun-24-2020

186 Quick Guide: Hens Party Gift Ideas
Is your best friend getting married? Well, that means you need to organise a hens party. This should be the party where she has so much fun that she can never forget, and yet has no recollection of it.
Posted on May-15-2020

141 5 Popular Hens Night Decorations
Whether you are planning a big hens night party or something small with just a few friends, the decorations you choose can make a big difference. If you do not have a professional to do the decorating, then you certainly need some ideas on what to use for the decoration.
Posted on May-15-2020

158 5 Things a Bride Can Learn on Hens Night
The hens night is not just an opportunity to have fun with friends on the last night of freedom.
Posted on Mar-24-2020

215 Planning a Winter Hen’s Party
Come rain come shine, come snow, the bride must get married and that means a hens night must be well planned. If you have to plan a winter hens party, then you will find you have limited outdoor options unless you know a great ski resort and the bride likes to ski.
Posted on Dec-12-2019

179 Crazy Venue Ideas for a Hen Party
It is usually the responsibility of the Matron of honour and the bride’s maids to come up with a befitting hens party. If your bride is into crazy stuff, then one of these ideas for the venue of the party will appeal to her.
Posted on Dec-06-2019

104 4 Hens Party Themes for a Night You Will Never Forget
A hens party is a better way to bid adieu to being single and have one last fling before the ring. Whether you are planning a night out on the town or a weekend trip to a sunny destination, it takes some time and effort to throw one last hoorah for the single woman. When it comes to hens parties, we all love a theme that can help us decide on the activities and decorations.
Posted on Nov-22-2019

105 Tips to Plan an Instagram-Worthy Hens Night Celebration
It’s that time of year again when people are all struck by the wedding fever. If you are asked by your bestie to throw a bachelorette party for her, it’s your turn to gift her a memorable night.
Posted on Nov-15-2019

162 How to Make Your Hens Party the One to Remember
Saying goodbye to your single life and settling into a marriage life is one of the happiest moments of your life. Organising a hens party to celebrate the 'last night of freedom’ is a staple tradition. But, how to throw a hens party that you and your guests will never forget? Planning an exciting and unforgettable hens party can be a bit tricky, and you’ve to put in a lot of efforts.
Posted on Aug-13-2019

247 Ideas to Organise a Fantastic Hens Party This Winter
Winter is just around the corner, and it is a great time for a hens party as it is so romantic and cosy!
Posted on May-17-2019

169 Throw a Soon-to-Be Bride an Amazing Hens Night
Your wedding is bound to be one of the most beautiful days of your life.
Posted on May-07-2019

370 A Wild Imagination Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank
A wedding is a beautiful celebration, and it is something to be commemorated by fun with friends and family. A bachelorette party is a prequel to the festivities, and this is a great way for the bride-to-be to have a last shebang with her girlfriends.
Posted on Feb-11-2019

183 How to Plan the Perfect Hens Night
Do you have a friend that’s about to get married? Before they get hitched for life, why not give your friend a party that she will remember for the rest of her life? Planning a hens night doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have a general idea in mind.
Posted on Feb-05-2019

206 Create an Unforgettable Evening with the Best Hen Party Ideas
Your wedding night is going to be one of the most beautiful nights of your life.
Posted on Jan-06-2019

285 How to Plan a Hen Night without Going Broke
Planning a hen night is often the responsibility of the bridesmaids. Along with buying a bridesmaid dress, shopping for a wedding present, and taking time off from work, you need to spend money on a hen party.
Posted on Dec-27-2018

610 Hens Night Games for Ultimate Fun
Entertainment is a big deal on a hens night. Luckily, you can find cheap hens night games online that will have all your party attendees laughing, blushing and mingling.
Posted on Jun-20-2017