Torri Myler's Article in Recreation and Sports

634 How to stay in shape for triathlon in the off-season
For many triathletes, three autumn and winter months, October, November and December, require as much attention as the rest of the year in terms of preparation and form maintenance.
Posted on Nov-23-2010

639 How to do a Triathlon on a Shoestring
With the number of participants rising fast each year, the entire industry of equipment and nutrition solutions providers is sprouting around trying to cater to the needs of success-hungry athletes.
Posted on Nov-15-2010

557 A Handful of Ideas for Boosting Your Swimming Potential in a Triathlon
It does not take a very trained eye to see that great swimmers are far and few between, a consequence of poor physical education standards and lack of dedication to weed out bad habits that can plague even the most talented athlete. That is why it is critical to boost your swimming capability before the race.
Posted on Oct-12-2010

576 Can Endurance Sports Capture the Public Imagination Like Team Sports
Their extreme nature should be more central to attracting attention and praise not just from the fans, but also the media or the sponsors. What holds endurance sports back and is there a chance of them rising in the hierarchy of popular disciplines?
Posted on Oct-05-2010

820 Does Modern Technology Change Anything About Being a Sports Fan
It is enough to look back at moments in your life that stay with you as if they were happening at the moment, no matter how distant past they really are, to realize that a fair share of these sticking images come from sport events.
Posted on Sep-27-2010

633 Make This Summer Different than the Last Ones
Summer is all about changes, all about new things. Don’t let it slip through your fingers this year!
Posted on Jul-28-2010