Stuart Wallace's Article in Jewelry

642 Casio Watches: Innovation for better lifestyle
When it comes to innovations in designer watches, the name Casio always comes to forth. Indeed, Casio watches are known for their futuristic styles and advanced technology. The brand has been associated with what is known as ‘technical evolution’ in horology. Let’s have a brief look at the most popular ‘functionality’ watch brand.
Posted on Apr-29-2010

842 Diamonds: The embodiment of lifelong companionship
Diamonds are a women’s best friend. The sparkle, the beauty and the charisma of these stones have and will have the female psyche captivated since the dawn of civilization.
Posted on Mar-06-2010

709 Mother’s Day Gifts- the right gift to present your mom
With Mother’s day coming closer many individuals would be searching for the best possible gift to their moms. What would be the right gift to present your Mom on D-day?
Posted on Mar-07-2010

872 Create The Best Style Statement With a Branded Luxury Watch
Be it style or flaunting a classy look, wearing a designer luxury watch can easily create a cool style statement. With online discounts being offered from Tag Heuer, Rado and Raymond Weil and many other top notch brands, making your style statement got a lot more easier than before.
Posted on Mar-04-2010