Shane Kinsch's Article in SEO

426 Content and User Experience Management Remains the Biggest Trends in 2018
According to the Econsultancy’s Digital Trends 2018 report published in association with Adobe reveals that 45% of marketers cite content & experience management as a top priority in 2018 for SEO Kansas City.
Posted on Mar-05-2018

401 Adopt these 4 SEO Tips to Make Your Restaurant Business Successful
SEO opens great opportunities for businesses to find success. Various industries have already been reaping the benefits that SEO in Kansas City provides.
Posted on Dec-11-2017

461 How to Make Your Website Safe and Secure
Website security is undervalued by many marketers. This slacky behavior leads to personal data hacking and faces the potential of losing website visitors’ trust.
Posted on Dec-11-2017

918 Google Featured Snippet – What You Need to Know
Google constantly tries to understand the searcher’s intent every time it displays the results for a search query. For years, Google searches were syntax-driven. But things have begun to change, and Google search has been making the transition to semantics.
Posted on Nov-29-2017