Sanjay Joshi's Article in Web Design

436 Wide Spread Capabilities Of The Content Management System Have Made It A Hugely Successful Endeavor
For the websites, content is of primary importance as is the need to put the site on the top of the search engines. New rules, which are being set by the search engine systems, do imply that the software system should be such that it can control the web materials effectively and should be genuine. To a very large extent, the CMS facilities have proven to be effective as they help in the management of auditing and even editing.
Posted on Aug-20-2011

554 How Unique are Magento Templates from Other Available Ones?
The phrase “templates” may be familiar to you either in the role of a designer or a user. The majority of web application options available nowadays can be accessed through their templates. Magento templates are one such example. Generally, there are two categories of individuals making use of a template. The first category belongs to the audience that uses it from aesthetic and serviceability viewpoints by surfing through an online store.
Posted on Jul-18-2010

610 Get virtual servers for reliable hosting
Computers are a necessary part of our lives today. However, companies also need to host their own websites for making sales. Now, dedicated servers have an immense number of advantages because they isolate the server for a user, which implies that only one website is hosted on a certain server.
Posted on May-28-2010

549 Some savoir faire on Software Development Company India
The expertise of Indian professionals in virtually every field have made them unrivalled contenders for any job (technical or non technical). In this context a majority of the countries around the globe are relying on Software Development Company India or Software Developers India for the software requirements. The comprehensive competency of Indian IT professionals make them the preferred choice of many a firm who decide to outsource their software development chores.
Posted on May-22-2010