Sanjay Joshi's Article in Spirituality

508 Self Discovery And Circumstances Drive A Normal Person Towards Traits Of A Superman
In comic books and in cartoons, people were able to see and read about heroes and men and women who could do the unachievable. Impossible for them was nothing, and in these books and stories, they did achieve it, although, in the benefit of mankind. These superheroes are the faces of the good deeds that should be done by people. People, who read these stories and look at the pictures of them, have felt time and again that they are the perfect people on the earth.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

446 Studying The Paranormal With Scientific Evidences Gaining Ground As Research Topics
In universities and research divisions, there are many students who are busy finding and researching about topics that deal with the subjects beyond the realms of normal. When things cannot be explained by the normal course of action, they are termed as abnormal, in general. Something that occurs outside the possible explanations of normal and cannot be termed as abnormal even, are known as the paranormal.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

460 Health Consciousness Leading To Introduction And Buying of Healthier Living Ebooks
Hectic lifestyle has bestowed upon people, the intense desire to step up to the occasion and take care of the one most important thing in life, which is health. Health consciousness has kind of gripped the entire world, where people are trying to use quick and slow methods of keeping themselves healthy.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

414 Lure For The Unknown In The Form Of Immortality And Extreme Longevity Is An Enigma
Mentions of people living for hundreds of years are not unknown in the mythology and ancient civilisation. Some say that there were people who lived for so many years while others denote the reincarnation of a person or human in different forms in different eras. Views are different related to such a topic which has remained an enigma since the start of life.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

548 Books On Longevity, Immortality And Spirituality Have Fascinated The Common Man Since Ages
For the purpose of reading, one can find books in hordes in various places such as libraries, personal book collections, book fairs, etc. in the modern age, perhaps, the enthusiasm to read through such books has increased.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

451 Serious Rethinking Is Needed To Believe The Claim To Foretell The Future Or Fortune Telling
Many a times, it is seen that science and the things beyond the known, come into loggerheads. Articles, speeches, television programs, and even friendly discussions, are related directly or indirectly towards these kinds of subjects. Something, which is unknown, has the knack of attracting people’s attention.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

493 For Many People, To Study Enlightenment Could Be A Lifetime Struggle To Its Achievement
Saints and sadhus, missionaries, sages, prophets and such people in different religions have established a perception in the minds of the public. This sect of people, showcase a different lifestyle, which is a kind of renunciation of the pleasures of human life and are an indulgence in everything that is spiritual or sacred.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

693 Indian Vastu Shastra And Feng Shui Will Definitely Have A Positive Effect On Your Life
Indian Astrology has emerged as an influential and imperative part of our lives. Indian Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui are also increasingly becoming popular amid populaces to reform their lives in a positive manner. Indian Vastu Shastra is essentially an art of harmonizing with nature. It is a practice of home management which has been in place since time immemorial.
Posted on Feb-02-2011

651 Eternal Spirit is the Gateway to Past, Present and Future: Believe it!!!
The question that can be brought forward for a discussion or kept hidden with some perceptions often leads to the demand of the topic as a whole. Such a burning aspect also lies inside the evergreen facet of immortality that every individual at some point of time care to incur through a prophecy book. In addition there lie a great number of people that are interested to know the latent meaning and depiction of visions and dreams of the future that tantalize the nerve quite frequently.
Posted on Nov-25-2010

643 An Insight Into Longevity And Physical Immortality Through Natural Health Solutions
Even in these times of advanced technologies and avant-garde gadgets, people are becoming victim of flawed lifestyles and condensed life spans. To keep pace with the ultra fast and demanding way of life, we have almost forgot to encompass natural health solutions in our every day lives to make us known as long lived persons who were healthy and vivacious even in old age.
Posted on Oct-08-2010

672 An Immortality Book Offering Definitions About the Long Lived Persons
Time and again it is found that people who care to put the best beliefs on themselves tend to live a better life well contented and embedded with joy and happiness. Although the life span might still fall short as the normal destined time in his tenure, yet the satisfaction of leading a complete life opens the door of attaining salvation.
Posted on Oct-08-2010

626 Make Your Own Prophecies Under The Shades Of Immortality
It is an ever green and breathing question that hovers across the lobes of any human being time and again as to how far a man can extend his longevity following the basic fundamental rule of life. But the perfect definition has still to be coined under some names that can personify themselves as immortal. This is because the factors and the aspects that cater about the notion and perception of immortality have got unscalable depth that perhaps no human can measure in one lifetime.
Posted on Oct-08-2010

776 Super Human Powers and Abilities Are Feasible and Attainable - Read Further to Know More
As a child most of us had dreams pertaining to super human powers and abilities, we thought what if we could fly, walk through walls, become super strong and super fast, become invisible, read other's mind and do a lot of other chores which seemed impossible. But in the phase when we were growing up, this realistic world made us believe that it is impossible to achieve god like powers and abilities and we were trained to think and act rationally and level headedly.
Posted on Oct-08-2010

610 Prophecies, Immortality and Enlightenment! Do these concepts perplex you?
Even in these times of advanced technologies and avant-garde gadgets, folks still believe in prophecies and there are even many who want to become immortal. Prophecy according to Wikipedia is the message, which has communicated to a prophet and this message is then communicated by the prophet to others. These messages by and large involve divine inspiration, interpretation or revelation of events which are yet to occur. In simple words, prophecy is a divine predication.
Posted on Aug-23-2010

692 Finding Your Way to True Happiness Can Be An Enlightening One
True happiness is a phrase which virtually changes its meaning with every individual. If you were to take a survey of one hundred people about the concept true happiness; you are sure to come up with a hundred distinct and unique answers. This tells us how complex this concept is. Most peoples are not even sure if there answering for true happiness will remain constant or change with time.
Posted on Aug-23-2010

636 Explore True Happiness by Researching Enlightenment, Compendium And Prophecy Books
Human race has always been fascinated by the theme of immortality, enlightenment and true happiness. Immortality is essentially a state of life that lasts for perpetuity. It knows no constraints associated with mortal life span and is seen as a never ending journey. Since time immemorial, this theme has intrigued many a human minds. It can be found referred to in many historical text books and Immortality books. These books convey the message as to how to become immortal.
Posted on Aug-23-2010

717 Truth about becoming immortal
You may have noticed that many people around you are interested in topics like immortality and enlightenment. Most of them are trying to find books or materials that give definitive knowledge on these subjects. However, they get disappointed when they understand that they cannot find any relevant information or books on these topics.
Posted on Jul-22-2010

675 Become Immortal Through the Adoption of Limited Alternatives
Every human being wishes to become immortal. However, the Nature creates many an impediments in the path to true immortality. Living forever seems virtually impossible in the present scenario. But, don’t lose heart as there are still some possibilities left that can ensure your permanence, though not in your expected lines.
Posted on Jul-17-2010

956 The Gift of Prophecy - Understanding the Operation of the Spirit
Prophecy is basically a prediction expressed under divine intervention. To prophesy is to reveal through the anointing and divine guidance of the Holy Spirit, the third person in the Trinity. Hence, anybody motivated by the Spirit of God can prophesy or preach the Word of God.
Posted on Jun-16-2010

772 Instructions to Write Attention-Grabbing Paranormal Books Properly
Whether you’ve entered into a contractual agreement for writing nonfiction paranormal books, or are writing books to record your or a different person's paranormal accounts, this can bring forth the most pleasurable experiences you’ll come across as a writer ever before. The combination of characteristic non-fictional prose and uncharacteristic paranormal is a gripping blend of literary genres and writing techniques.
Posted on Jun-16-2010

586 The amazing healing gemstones and their cleansing
In these times of advanced technologies and avant-garde gadgets, there are hardly any folks who believe in the crystal healing power of gemstones. Historically the healing gemstones were used as good luck charms. The power of gemstones is abundantly resourceful. Let us discuss some of the most renowned healing crystal stones and other gemstones with diverse influences.
Posted on May-26-2010

706 The amazing powers of crystal healing gemstones
Since time immemorial gemstones have been employed by spiritual gurus to heal and energize people and to protect them against evils. Even in these times of rocket science and aeronautics, folks have faith in the crystal healing power of gemstones. The spiritual and curing power of the healing crystal stones are copious and can balance and sustain your health, vigor, luck and love.
Posted on May-25-2010

616 Gemstones for You and Your Family
A stone of very high value is known to be a gemstone. It has different names like precious stones or a semi precious stone or even a jewel. It is a natural form of mineral and looks very attractive. It is of wide spread use in making jewels and ornaments. A few non-mineral rocks are also used in the process of jewel making. However, these rocks are organic minerals and thus classified as gemstones.
Posted on May-25-2010

605 How to encompass Spiritual growth in your life
The world around us is increasingly attracted towards paranormal and spiritual growth routes. This can be ascertained from a variety of chores happening around us in our day to day lives from movies on werewolves to magazines and books on supernatural, spiritual or paranormal themes. We are essentially physical beings with slight quantity of spiritual divine constituent inside us.
Posted on May-15-2010

608 How to live forever is a question on immortality which has no definite answer
whenever the word immortality comes up, a majority of the folks do not believe in such statements. This may be considered a type of giving up even before one try knowing what immortality means in our context. With the population of earth exponentially growing, death has become a part and parcel of everyone’s life.
Posted on May-15-2010