Sanjay Joshi's Article in Recipes

1051 Enjoy The Health Benefits Of Sea Foods At Sea Food Restaurants In Chennai, Bangalore and Mumbai
Sea food is any food which consists of marine life. It includes fish, shrimps, lobsters, seas cucumbers and sea urchins. Sea food is especially famous in coastal region because of its easy availability.
Posted on Dec-28-2011

943 Have A Great Dining Experience At The Chinese, Thai And Japanese Restaurants In Mumbai
International cuisine has made its presence felt in India since a long time now. Indians have become more open when it comes to trying out various cuisines from around the world.
Posted on Dec-28-2011

916 Tickle Your Taste Buds With Dishes At Rajasthani, Gujurati And South Indian Restaurants In Mumbai
India is a country which has the influx of various religions. People from different religions exist peacefully together and each religion specializes in its own cuisine.
Posted on Dec-28-2011

872 Incredible India With Incomparable Diversity in North Indian Recipes and That From The Southern Part
Incredible India is a land of diversified regions and people. The moment you change your location you will find a new community with a new cuisine and with a new eating habit. It is really difficult to say which person will prefer which diet.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

973 Discover the Cultures And Associated Indian Recipes
India is a land of enormous cultural variations and communities. Here we discover varieties of people with different tastes. Not to forget the eating habits also differ from individual to individual.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

798 An Introduction To The World Of Easy-To-Make Indian Chicken Recipes
Welcome to the world of delicious food. This is the best platform for food lovers who appreciate good food. Here’s introducing you to all the recipes of nutritious and scrumptious food which you can make and enjoy. It begins with your starters till the dinner.
Posted on Dec-27-2011

569 Can it get tastier? An overview of Kerala, Maharashtrian And Bengali Recipes
Talking about India, how can one not talk about its food? Absolutely mouth watering recipes, never tastier! Talking of the south, Kerala, the state of coconuts! Kerala recipes include the richness of coconuts and spice of black pepper. Ginger Tiger of Kerala known as Pulinji in common language is a blend of sweet & sour extremely rare to Kerala recipes.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

544 Taste The Unique Regional Tastes of India with Andhra, Hyderabadi and Goan Recipes
India, a vast country known for its culture, heritage and food! Spicy food couldn’t get tastier. Diverse India has got diversity in all forms dance, language and food! Every food has got a charm of its own. South India is known for its spices and spicy food. Starting with Andhra, you will discover so many different tastes.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

609 Explore Delicacies in India with Punjabi, Mughlai and Kashmiri recipes!
We the Indians are known to the world because of our genuine and honest nature and our specialty to serve our guest in the best possible manner. And when you roam across in this country this fact which we know, becomes the reality, and we can experience this to the highest level on our own, as well.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

576 Tastes Of India Dedicates A Special Definition With Gujarati, Rajasthani And Sindhi Recipes
India is said to be a country which is united in the diversities. And one must say it is united in the countless ways, and one of its ways has to be the cultural Unity. This concept arises from the multilingual and multiregional diversity our country has and Rajasthan, Gujarat and Sindh are the domains of this picture.
Posted on Nov-30-2011

557 Adding Flavour to Party with Salad, Cake and Exotic Italian Recipes Preparations
Gourmet splurging is, in most occasions, considered a necessity and preferred thing. In such occasions, various items are prepared and to submerge the palate in the thickest of delicacies, people choose from a wide variety of food.
Posted on Oct-21-2011

8256 Across the Cities in India, Gujarati, Rajasthani and Punjabi Restaurants Offer Cuisine Variation
Food enthusiasts will have a taste for food, wherever they go. And food enthusiasts are found among us in large numbers. There are many people in India as well as abroad, who like food that is made in regional styles. Some states like Rajasthan and Gujarat have special cuisines made especially in the regions of the state.
Posted on Oct-19-2011

548 A Fresh Perspective towards Chinese, Thai and Italian Restaurants in India
Palatable dishes are a weakness of many people and someone rightly says that “The way to people’s heart is through their stomach”. To a large extent, people in India have a great appetite for food and this is rightly evident from the large number of restaurants and hotels that can be found in every nook and corner of cities in India.
Posted on Oct-19-2011

571 Non Veg, Mughlai And Sea Food Restaurants In India Gathering Crowd As Common Eating Spots
Eating outside has become one of the common phenomenon in India, where people go to restaurants, hotels and other eateries to have food. Some people do it for fun while some others have their own reasons of visiting such restaurants.
Posted on Oct-19-2011