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1017 Coming Of Age Of Bollywood And South Cinema: A Beautiful Blending
Indian movies have matured over the years and have carried along with them a legacy that is hard to shed off. This is a flow of ideas from one generation to the next, celebrating the world of free thinking and expression. But all along the way, the Indian box office report suggests that movie makers in India have flown on the wings of the sentiments of people.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

1073 Bollywood: Factors That Influence The Movie Making To Induce Experimentation
It is said that the movie makers in Bollywood who are able to feel the pulse of the common man, can deliver the hit movies. A hit movie is one, which by the box office standards, is able to garner the maximum response financially in the early days of its release or even after some months. In other words, a hit movie goes on to do business with recovery of its expenditure and above that gathers a lot of profit.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

860 South Cinema Influences Much Of Bollywood Movie Making
Many of the producers and directors of Bollywod are directing their attention to the south cinema and this is not a big surprise nowadays. In the past century, there was a keen difference in the making of movies in the south and that of the Bollywood. It cannot be said that there was a complete disparity, but cases of movie making in accordance with the south movies were quite sporadic.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

1015 Indian Box Office Report: A Test For The Fate Of The Stars Every Friday
The fragility of emotions is best showcased in India when it comes to the matters of Hindi movie industry or Bollywood as it is called because there is a parameter called Indian box office report. Thousands of movies are made in the country every year and these movies are released in different theatres every week.
Posted on Jan-17-2012

467 Tryst Of South Movie To Come Of Age Through 2 Different Ways In The Modern Days
It is not uncommon to find a theatre in non-south Indian state to be screening a movie from the south cinema industry. One can feel the thrill in the air, when people make a beeline to give their precious three hours for a movie that is made in one of the south Indian movie industry.
Posted on Dec-24-2011

487 Bilingual Movies In Tamil And Telugu Helping Movie Makers To Rake In The Moolah
If watching Hindi movies have been the passion of the Indians, then the movies in Tollywood are the religion of the people down south. The religion is the movie and the movie stars are demi gods. Nowhere else, in the country, are such life-size posters seen adorning the streets and the buildings. There are pictures and hoardings of the superstars, completely decked in colored lights.
Posted on Dec-24-2011

471 The Judgment Of Movie Critics Enhances The Craze For South Movie News
In today’s fast life, taking a break in between becomes essential. This break can be used for various activities, among which film watching is quite prominent. By watching movies one can forget the hassles and stress of their life, although for quite constrictive time.
Posted on Dec-13-2011

522 Indian Movie Reviews Have Become Essential for a Movie’s Viewership Ratings
Serious movie buffs are always waiting for two days in a week; Friday for the release of a movie and Saturday to know the reviews of the movie with its premier show.
Posted on Dec-12-2011

452 Movie Reviews Offer Realistic Reviews Of New Releases As That With The Movie Photo Gallery
Movies in India play a significant role. It is the best form of entertainment for people, both classes and masses. For those three hours of the show, people just forget about their problems and get totally involved in the virtual world of movies as if they are a live character in the films they are watching in the cinemas.
Posted on Dec-12-2011

559 Indian Box Office Reports Sealing The Fate Of Movies
Come Friday, every actor, actress, producer and director holds their breath whose movie is about to be released waiting for the audience’s verdict. Making of a film involves lot of patience, perseverance and determination.
Posted on Dec-12-2011