Sanjay Joshi's Article in Happiness

771 Self Realization And The Concept Of Living For The Society As A Means Of Being Happy
For people, existence in the world, after birth, are a lot of things. But, among all the things, one which is important is that the life is a challenge. Different beings perceive this challenge in different terms and equate it with being happy. For a lot many people, how to be happy means living a good life, which is through enjoying in different forms and in different ways.
Posted on Sep-20-2011

1005 Discover True Happiness within You through Certain Principles
People derive happiness from a myriad of sources. A particular incident may be of little significance for you, but it can bring an abundant amount of joy and ecstasy for others. It is really difficult to define happiness as different individuals interpret the meaning of happiness differently. Broadly speaking, it is the satisfaction you receive from performing a task that provides you immense peace of mind and impetus in life. True happiness is not derived from favorable circumstances only.
Posted on Jul-17-2010

887 Valuable Insights for Getting Rid of Illusions to Find True Happiness
Human beings always seek happiness at every stage in their life. Finding true happiness has been in everybody’s wish list as most people believe they are not satisfied with their present lifestyle due to some reason or other. We generally tend to yearn for more than what we presently have and that is the root cause of all discontentment, despair and depression.
Posted on Jun-20-2010