Sanjay Joshi's Article in Communications

586 Obtaining Great Mobility with Wireless Internet Services
Wireless internet, which is commonly known as Wi-Fi is a latest technological developments that is proving the internet users with great online access whenever they require it. With the help of this service, you will be able to surf online when you are traveling.
Posted on Feb-02-2011

663 Ensuring Effective Energy management in Data Centers
Having a data center has in the recent past emerged as the most preferred trend by both small and big companies. It is obvious that the costs associated with the running of these centers vary in relation to their size, though they are not that low. The fact that data transmission needs to be kept constant regardless of external or internal factors demands that proper measures are instituted.
Posted on Sep-17-2010

646 Detailed Information Regarding a Data Center
A data center is a place where computer systems and associated components are housed, and it is in most cases associated with the storage of redundant power supplies, security devices and environmental controls. In other words, this place acts as a back up of all the data for a company and it is as such tasked with ensuring that data transmission is maintained even in the presence of external forces.
Posted on Sep-17-2010

716 The VoIP a blessing in disguise
Traditionally, industries have utilized the PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) for their business phone requirements that is basically a route controlled network. With this method a telephone call or Wireless essentially takes control of the line of the telephone and the data transmission for the entire period of the call that has been made. This is not a very cost effective or efficient method to make calls.
Posted on Sep-09-2010

1089 VOIP – all facts about it
There are a lot of people who have not heard about VoIP and the ones who have heard of it and not really sure of what it actually is. Well, it is not anything else but the audio and video voice over internet protocol. With the assistance of this, one can without difficulty achieve his/her phone calls, moreover can receive the calls whenever they require.
Posted on Sep-09-2010

673 An Insight into Transmission of Data via Data Cables
According to the Wikipedia, data transmission which is also known as digital communication is the physical transfer of data from a point to point or from a point to multipoint communication channel. There are scores of examples; foremost being optical fibres, copper wires, storage media and communication channels. The transmission of data takes place in the form of electromagnetic signal (which again can be in the form of infra red, electrical voltage, microwave or radio wave).
Posted on Aug-24-2010