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150 Perks Of Regular Dental Visits
Of course, not everyone is looking forward to dental visits every six months. But, it is one of the most important things that should never be skipped. Your dental health is as important as your overall health.
Posted on Aug-10-2021

202 Regular Dental Check-Up - What to Expect
When was the last time you had your dental check-up? Probably you don’t remember at all, or it has been several months or years.
Posted on Jun-13-2021

201 Professional Teeth Whitening - A Lifesaver Technique
The global market for teeth whitening products is expected to grow by more than $7.4 billion by 2024.
Posted on Jun-13-2021

265 An Overview of Oral Cancer - Causes and Treatment
Do you know? “There are approximately 2500 new cases of oral and pharyngeal cancer registered in Australia
Posted on Apr-26-2021

275 What to Expect During Regular Dental Check-Ups?
When was your last dental visit? If it’s been several years or you don’t remember at all, it’s time to call your dental clinic Quakers Hill and schedule the appointment with your dentist.
Posted on Apr-26-2021

222 Why You May Need an Emergency Dentist Appointment?
Are you with unbearable tooth pain? Check in the leading emergency dentist in Baulkham Hills as soon as possible.
Posted on Apr-05-2021

222 Things You Need to Know About Tooth Extractions
Are you looking to get tooth extraction safely? To prepare for your upcoming procedure, you should know a few things about tooth extraction to help you act right!
Posted on Mar-29-2021

234 Dental Emergencies - Common Questions Answered!
Dental issues can come in many ways. You must know if you need emergency dental treatment when you have a dental problem, since some dental emergencies are more urgent than others and need immediate guidance of an emergency dentist in Baulkham Hills.
Posted on Feb-18-2021

254 Tips To Tackle Different Dental Emergencies
Emergencies affecting the mouth or teeth typically occur without warning, much like other health emergencies. Knowing how to react in a dental emergency will allow you to use every minute to reduce the problem's severity.
Posted on Feb-16-2021

272 Optimise Your Oral Health with These Tips
Of course, an experienced dentist can make sure your gums and teeth are healthy and help achieve a picture-perfect smile with a various dental procedure.
Posted on Jan-28-2021

276 Everything You Need To Know About Oral Cancer
According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, “about 2500 oral and pharyngeal cancer registered in Australia each year.”
Posted on Jan-28-2021

331 What Can Happen If You Don’t Replace Your Missing Teeth
Have you ever wondered what can happen if you don’t replace a missing tooth? Probably you haven’t.
Posted on Jan-11-2021

220 The Impacts of Sugar on Your Teeth
“Sugar is bad for your teeth” – Probably you have heard it many times. But, who cares? There are two primary properties of a food that actually cause most dental problems, especially dental decay: sugar and acid.
Posted on Jan-07-2021

248 Tips for Preventing Gum Disease
When it comes to dental health, it’s not about how straight your teeth are and how bright your smile is. It is all about healthy teeth and gums.
Posted on Dec-15-2020

235 Improve the Quality of Your Life through Proper Dental Care
The idea of treating health in a holistic way is nothing new. For decades, this discussion has included topics on how overall health is related to sleep patterns, gut health, exercise, and emotional well-being.
Posted on Dec-11-2020

286 How Can I Improve My Dental Hygiene?
Getting healthy teeth takes a lifetime of maintenance. Even if people say that you have a good smile or nice teeth, it is important to take essential action each day to take protect them and avoid oral problems.
Posted on Nov-06-2020

331 What Should I Do If My Child Chips A Tooth?
Has your child chipped off a tooth? Don’t panic, if your child chips off a tooth. Healthy and active kids are at the risk of getting chipped tooth. Get the help of an emergency dentist Quakers Hill to assess and repair the damage without further delay.
Posted on Oct-30-2020

277 How Good Oral Hygiene Enhance Your Dental Health
We all have learnt about the benefits of good oral hygiene since we were first introduced to a toothbrush as a child.
Posted on Oct-18-2020

311 Does a Broken Tooth need Emergency Dental Care?
Have you ever felt that sinking sensation after biting into something hard and crunchy.
Posted on Aug-21-2020

288 How to stop Bruxism or Grinding Your Teeth at Night?
Do you find yourself waking up with sore jaws and teeth? If so, you might be grinding your teeth.
Posted on Jul-28-2020

275 Dental Implant Surgery: What to Expect?
Dental implant surgery is an alternative to dentures or bridgework that doesn’t fit well. This can offer an option when a lack of natural teeth roots doesn’t allow building denture or bridgework tooth replacements.
Posted on Dec-03-2019

394 Tooth Fillings for a Confident, Healthy Smile
Tooth decay has now become a common problem. Many people, even at their young age, suffer from tooth decay. Tooth decay is nothing but infection of the tooth enamel affecting the structure of the tooth.
Posted on Oct-31-2019

274 Teeth Whitening: Does It Work And Is It Safe?
Do teeth whitening work, and is it safe? This maybe your question if you are planning to have teeth whitening professionally
Posted on Oct-17-2019

304 Cosmetic Dentistry and Treatments Associated With It
Dentistry is about much more than visiting your Quakers Hill dentist for a routine check-up. Dental care is multi-faceted and encompasses three distinct levels: preventative dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry.
Posted on Sep-19-2019

322 Is Oral Cancer Curable?
We all know smoking causes cancer, and it is no wonder it affects oral health as well. Smoking is one of the significant reasons of oral cancer. Oral cancer develops within the oral cavity and look likes mouth sores that don’t go away. It can be life-threatening if not diagnosed and treated early. Cancer is the term given to a collection of related diseases.
Posted on Aug-05-2019