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99 Purchasing Natural Stone Countertops? Consider these 4 Factors
So many people love the beauty of natural stone countertops and how it can make their kitchens and bathrooms elegant. With plenty of options to choose from, it can get overwhelming to pick one.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

93 Keep Your Marble Countertops in Top Shape with these Tips
Your marble countertops require good cleaning and maintenance, regardless of how strong and durable they are.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

98 5 Reasons Why Porcelain Benchtops are Great for Homes
Stone benchtops or countertops have been popular in the past few years owing to its beauty and versatility.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

89 How Super White Dolomite is the Perfect Alternative to Marble
Dolomite is a rock found in the sedimentary basins, and it has almost the same properties and applications as that of limestone.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

115 Granite Countertops are Best for Your Kitchen – 5 Reasons Explained
Are you thinking of installing new countertops for your kitchen? You should definitely consider granite slabs in Sydney.
Posted on Feb-04-2021

95 Super White Dolomite, Granite, And Marble 101
Super White material has become an instant classic with its beautifully apportioned white and grey minerals in a marble-like pattern.
Posted on Jan-12-2021

81 Calacatta Marble; the Truth You Should Know!
True! Though all marble is formed in the same way by nature, marble may be Calacatta Marble is a gorgeous, high-end natural marble, which is desirable for its distinctive look and precious rarity for a range of applications.
Posted on Jan-12-2021

100 Why Porcelain Slab Countertops are a Great Idea
Porcelain slabs are a great and popular option among people since they can quickly transform any space without demolition. They come in a number of natural stone looks to complement virtually any design style.
Posted on Jan-12-2021

84 All You Need To Know About Super White Dolomite
Super White Dolomite in Sydney is quite popular among homeowners and interior designers. In terms of performance, dolomite slabs are quite resistant to wear and tear and can be thought of as a more resilient form of marble.
Posted on Jan-12-2021

62 Marble Slabs is the Big In 2021 Interior Design World; Three Areas Where Marbles Used
Marble slabs in Sydney; there are three areas where bold and unusual marble styles are being used to make a fresh impact in the interior design world. But, rich marble is just as well suited to many other kinds of interior spaces.
Posted on Jan-12-2021

193 A Simple Guide for Choosing the Best Countertop for Your Kitchen
Whether you are designing a kitchen for your brand new home or renovating the old kitchen, the kitchen countertop is one of the major decisions. Countertops play a significant role in kitchen design as it helps to set the tone of space.
Posted on Sep-30-2020

183 Is Marble Kitchen Countertop A Good Idea?
This is one of the most common questions for today’s kitchen design. You must understand the fact that marble will never go out of style. It is so easy to become obsessed with this natural material after scrolling the beautiful marble countertop pictures on Instagram and Pinterest.
Posted on Sep-30-2020

183 What Makes Porcelain Slabs an Excellent Choice for Countertops
So you are planning to revamp your kitchen countertop. Whether you want to replace your existing countertop or looking for a countertop material for your newly built kitchen, there is no better option than porcelain slabs Sydney. You can make a statement with porcelain countertops
Posted on Jul-27-2020

221 A Guide to Granite Finishes
It is no wonder granite is one of the most versatile and beautiful natural stone available. In fact, granite is an excellent building material for building a home and it is quite popular as well.
Posted on Jul-26-2020

183 Things to Consider When Choosing Kitchen Countertop
Finally, you are remodelling your kitchen. No matter if it is a complete overhaul or updating a specific element, it’s good that you are going to change the look of your kitchen.
Posted on Jul-26-2020

169 How to Maintain Marble Kitchen Countertops?
There are many good reasons people install marble surfaces in their house. Whether you have marble flooring or marble kitchen countertops, it can dramatically enhance the appearance of the space.
Posted on Jul-26-2020

182 A Guide to Quartzite Countertops
Quartzite slabs have found its way into the Australian homes over the last decade. With its amazing features, including the appearance of marble slabs and durability comparable to granite, Quartzite seems to have it all.
Posted on Jul-20-2020

166 Why Quartzite Is the Perfect Choice for Your Home?
Quartzite is the best choice among the variety of countertop options because of it durability and elegance. No matter how many years it goes, quartzite remains beautiful and it will increase the value and appeal of your home.
Posted on May-04-2020

173 Types of Granite 101
No matter whether you’re choosing a new granite slab for upgrading your existing countertops, colour, veins, and patina, or for your new kitchen or bathroom, decision making is crucial in buying granite.
Posted on May-03-2020

143 Why Porcelain Benchtops Is Popular Today?
Porcelain benchtops are fast taking over the world of kitchen design. Yes, today people prefer choosing porcelain benchtops when it comes to kitchen renovation project. This is because, porcelain slabs in Sydneyis such a high density material and is extremely hard.
Posted on May-03-2020

161 Considering Marble for Your Kitchen? Here are the Things You Must KnowBefore Starting
Luminous? Luxurious? Marble make it possible all along with bringing a crisp brightness that soapstone, granite or man-made materials simply can’t duplicate! This is why experts suggestthe classic look of marble countertops for your kitchen, bar or bathroom.
Posted on Apr-30-2020

173 Hidden Benefits of Using Marble in Home Construction
Marble, quarried in mountainous regions around the world, has been a popular building material for millennia. This natural stone is resistant to scratching, cracking and breaking comparing to other available countertop materials that exist today.
Posted on Apr-08-2020

197 Quartz v/s Quartzite slabs in Sydney
One of the biggest differences between quartzite slab and quartz slab is that quartzite is a naturally occurring sandstone but undergoes intense heat and pressure to form the slab while quartz is an engineered stone slab formed by crushing rocks that are then bound together with resins
Posted on Dec-02-2019

182 Things to know for buying a superior quality Granite Slab in Sydney
If you want your kitchen to have all the bells and whistles, granite is the best option for you.
Posted on Jul-10-2019

158 How to select a Marble Slab kitchen benchtop
We at Avant stone understand, kitchen is not just another space in the house anymore, but a social hub where families spend most of their time not just cooking but making memories.
Posted on Jul-09-2019