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1592 How to Reduce CPAP Mask Skin Irritation
These Continuous Positive Airway Pressure masks are very effective when treating sleep apnea and many people are satisfied with the results of beginning CPAP therapy. The mask uses pressurized air to open the airway, allowing a person to breath easy throughout the night.
Posted on Jun-17-2009

995 How to Sleep Comfortably with a CPAP Mask
This means that millions of people experience their airway collapsing repeatedly throughout the night, causing them to stop breathing, at times for a minute or more. People suffering from sleep apnea face both sleep and oxygen deprivation.
Posted on Jun-17-2009

1061 Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment – Explained
The enlargement off veins, called the spider vein or varicose veins is the major problem faced by most of the Americans today. With lots of advancements in medical cosmetic technology there are many options for treating the varicose veins. The Sclerotherapy Vein Treatment and Vasculight Laser Vein therapy are the two popular, very effective vein treatment options available today.
Posted on May-10-2009

1866 Understanding Sleep Apnea
The sleeping problem called sleep apnea is well known today. Certain pauses in the air intake that cause the patients to wake up throughout the night are a major problem faced by many people. People with this sleeping disorder will feel drowsy with severe headache when they wake up. Their whole day will be ruined because of their drowsiness.
Posted on Apr-30-2009

1785 How To Choose a Comfortable CPAP Mask
The pause of flow of air intake while sleeping is called as “sleep apnea”. This sleeping disorder makes the patient miss one or two breaths while he is asleep. This cycle continues frequently, making the person wake up completely and thereby disrupting the sleep pattern. Thankfully, with the advancements in medical technology there is a perfect solution for this sleeping problem.
Posted on Apr-30-2009

1512 Hearing Loss Solutions
Losing one’s hearing is not a milestone that an individual typically looks forward to in life. However, thanks to the growing number of solutions to this nearly unavoidable occurrence, it is no longer something to be feared. Hearing aids are becoming a very valuable resource to many aging Americans today.
Posted on Apr-29-2009

1060 What is Special a Medical Spa
The term “Medical Spa” is relatively new. It is what it sounds like, a luxury spa like setting where one can get plastic surgery or nonsurgical cosmetic procedures done. Even though medical spas are very popular worldwide, few people are aware of this latest treatment option. If you are among the those who are unaware medical Spas and what they entail, here is a quick explanation of what a Medial Spa actually is.
Posted on Mar-05-2009