Klaudia's Article in Reference and Education

432 Honda Technicians Have an Important Job
The Honda technician training at Centennial College is designed to make students as immediately productive in the shop as possible.
Posted on Jan-03-2012

431 The International Business School Approach at Centennial College Opens Doors
Centennial College's international business college programs offer a global approach that will help you to get accustomed to a variety of approaches so that you are culturally aware.
Posted on Dec-01-2011

411 Be the Change You Want to See as a Child and Youth Worker
Professional child and youth workers enhance the growth and development of children, youth and their families. Training is offered at Centennial College.
Posted on Nov-13-2011

374 The School of Continuing Education at Centennial College Supports An Adult Environment
Centennial College's continuing education options include part-time, evening, weekend, online and alternative format courses. All programs at the School of Continuing Education combine theory and practical application.
Posted on Sep-05-2011

376 Centennial College's Honda Technician Training Ensures Education and Hands-on Practice
Honda technician training is the ideal way for students to begin long-lasting careers in the industry. It offers a combination of academic and hands-on experience that employers seek.
Posted on Aug-29-2011

585 Centennial College's International Business Approach Will Take You Places
International business is very common in today's word as borders are erased through the use of the Internet, overnight shipping and other such global options. At Centennial College, students can gain international business skills through 30 programs.
Posted on Aug-09-2011

376 Nursing College Programs Offer Options
Nursing programs train a variety of nurses. From Perioperative Nurses (who work in an operating room setting) to Practical Nurses (who can be employed in settings such as hospitals and retirement homes).
Posted on Aug-09-2011

401 Become a Professional Child and Youth Worker in Three Years
Child and Youth Workers are responsible for protecting children while at the same time helping them to grow. Employment varies from day treatment to hospitals and more.
Posted on Aug-07-2011