Klaudia's Article in College

1437 Attend One of the Most Reputable Colleges in Toronto
Centennial College is among one of the top colleges in Toronto thanks to its learner-centered approach, four campuses and more than 100 fields of study.
Posted on Feb-01-2012

607 Developmental Services Workers Graduate From Centennial College in Two Years
The curriculum of the Centennial College’s Developmental Services Worker program reflects current issues and developments.
Posted on Jan-11-2012

688 Continuing Your Education To Advance Your Career
Continuing education is an option chosen by many adult learners and those with responsibilities that prevent them from attending school full-time. Centennial College boasts a School of Continuing Education.
Posted on Jan-11-2012

683 Tourism and Travel Courses at Centennial College Open New Doors
At Centennial College, students can obtain a travel and tourism education in as little as three semesters.
Posted on Jan-02-2012

775 Centennial College’s Aviation Program Prepares You for the Workforce in Two Short Years
The aviation industry sees aircraft maintenance technicians servicing, repairing and inspecting airplanes for commercial airlines, private firms, and the military. Training can be obtained at Centennial College.
Posted on Nov-18-2011

596 Centennial College Offers Degree Programs at College Level
Centennial College Degree programs are four-year offerings that allow students to attain both practical skills and a theoretical background.
Posted on Oct-17-2011

902 Centennial College is a reliable community college of Toronto
Community colleges offer students the opportunity to gain credentials and experience that will prepare them for their chosen field without incurring the large amount of tuition costs they would at university level.
Posted on Jun-29-2011

614 Centennial College Offers Degree Programs to Get You Ahead
Obtaining a degree at university level may prove to be too expensive for some, while others may be seeking a more intimate learning environment. At Centennial College you can now take degree programs that combine theory and practical skills at college level.
Posted on Apr-20-2011

628 Assist In Independence As An Occupational Therapist Assistant Physiotherapy Assistant
The field of occupational therapy assistant/ physiotherapist assistants is both challenging and rewarding. These professionals have the task of helping those with physical and developmental disabilities regain a certain level of independence.
Posted on Feb-23-2011

563 Get Into The Medical Field By Way Of Practical Nursing
This write-up details how in-demand Practical Nurses are, what education is needed to enter the field and how Centennial College’s Practical Nursing (Flexible) program offers an accommodating learning alternative.
Posted on Jan-05-2011

560 Extend Your Capabilities with Continuing Education
The article documents the need for employees across the board to take some sort of Continuing Education course to upgrade their skills. Studying under Centennial College's experienced faculty will make a difference.
Posted on Nov-03-2010

635 Be Part of the Corporate World Through Business Administration – Marketing Training
Centennial College sets students on the road to becoming professionals in Business Admin – Marketing, which concerns itself with connecting products and consumers and determining what consumers are looking for from a product.
Posted on Oct-26-2010

597 Become an Electronics Expert of the Skies as an Aviation Technician in Avionics Maintenance
Avionics Maintenance Technicians have the important job of ensuring all of a plane’s electrical systems are working. Their career starts with training at the Aviation Technician – Avionics Maintenance program from Centennial College.
Posted on Oct-25-2010

627 Have a Hand in Serving Up Delicious Cuisine in Food and Beverage Management
The Hospitality Management – Food and Beverage deals with the restaurant and bartending aspect of the hospitality industry. Professionals in this field are entrusted with the day-to-day operations of restaurants.
Posted on Oct-25-2010