John Sarkis Dee Why Kindergarten's Article in Reference and Education

9 Social Skills in Early Childhood – Why is it Important
Good social skills will allow children to enjoy better relationships with their peer.
Posted on Jan-22-2022

67 Looking For a Kindergarten? Here’s What You Need to Consider
So it’s time to enrol your child in Dee Why Kindergarten. Ideally, kindergarten is the foundation for a smooth introduction to real school for your little one. A good early childhood program sets the stage for the rest of her education.
Posted on Dec-27-2021

88 Choosing the Right Child Care in Dee Why
So it’s time to send your little one to preschool. Well, it’s a big milestone for you and your child. Choosing the right Dee Why childrens centre is the key to making this transition successful and smooth for both of you.
Posted on Nov-11-2021

128 Why Kindergarten Matters for Your Child?
How does your child feel about school? While some children are excited, others might be scared or anxious about what they can expect during their first year of schooling. For parents who are looking to help the best to build their education, it is essential to hire the best kindergarten in Dee Why.
Posted on Oct-27-2021

86 How Kindergarten Matters A Lot For Your Kid?
Dee Why kindergarten helps your child grow and develop their physical, emotional, and mental skills by introducing them to the world of schooling and education.
Posted on Sep-21-2021

137 How Can Early Childhood Education Help Your Child Perform Well In School?
The importance of early childhood education is a never-ending debate. While some people agree that ECE helps a child in many ways, others oppose it.
Posted on Jul-21-2021

198 Important things a Child Care curriculum should cover
The early years of your little one’s life are critical. Kids at this age are impressionable and absorb every piece of information like a sponge. They explore their surroundings, sounds, environment, and sites carefully.
Posted on Apr-29-2021

230 Putting Your Child in Kindergarten? Here’s What You Need to Know
You might be asking if your kid is ready for preschool—after all, they're three years old—but you're not sure. Choosing whether or not your child is ready for Dee Why kindergarten is a big decision, but there are some key indicators to consider.
Posted on Mar-24-2021

210 4 Popular Myths & Facts About Early Childhood Education
Early childhood education has been subject to scrutiny for quite a while.
Posted on Jan-21-2021

208 Know How Dee Why Children's Centres Improve Concentration and Focus Power in Children
We all know that sometimes young children can be easily distracted.
Posted on Jan-04-2021

339 Important Benefits of Attending Day Care for Kids
During childhood, the events and moments your children encounter form the essential basis for subsequent learning and relationships with family members, friends and peers.
Posted on Nov-26-2020

251 How Do I Know If My Toddler Is Ready For Day Care?
Are you looking to put up your toddler in a day care? But not sure what the right age is? In case, if you are a first time mom, you might be worried if you should even send your toddler to the day care.
Posted on Oct-29-2020

424 How do Child Care Centre’s help working Parents?
In today’s society, the majority of parents work, regardless of the age of their children. Most of us work out of necessity; however, our children are our priority always. If you are a parent who is struggling to balance both work life and child care, you have two options for securing child care.
Posted on Sep-30-2020

619 Here’s why you must send your Child to Childcare!
Nowadays, Day care has become necessary for most families, since the majority of us need two incomes to get by financially. The ever-rising prices often mean that finding a job is a must, not a choice.
Posted on Aug-31-2020

317 Why Child Care Centres encourage Outdoor Play?
Outdoor play is an integral part of childhood. This is where children practices and masters their emerging physical skills.
Posted on Jun-11-2020

291 Why your Child needs a Quality Child Care Centre in Dee Why?
Are you a busy parent who has a job that require you to find a child care centre?
Posted on Apr-06-2020

297 Reasons Why Kindergarten Is Good For Your Child
Once Nelson Mandela said, ‘Children are our greatest treasure.’ They are our future. Yes it’s true! In order to set our children up for a bright future, it is vital to give them a strong foundation from the very start.
Posted on Feb-24-2020

315 How Can I Help My Child Prepare For the First Day of Preschool?
Preschool is a major step for young kids. Yes, their first day at the child care centres Dee Why. However, as exciting as this time can be, many children tend to struggle at the initial days of their preschool with the new environment, curriculum, long days, and especially the separation from the loved ones.
Posted on Jan-28-2020

267 Why Are Positive Relationships Important In A Childcare Setting?
Once you've decided to put up your child in one of the best child care Centres Dee Why, your job is not over
Posted on Dec-10-2019

330 How to assess if your Child is ready for School?
In every child's life, going to school for the first time can be one of the most stressful milestones.
Posted on Oct-23-2019

430 Does Child Care Really Help Your Child’s Growth?
If you as a parent ever wonder about this question, then yes, absolutely a child care is totally focused on bringing up children’s potential level as well as to mould them as an individual from their very childhood
Posted on Oct-15-2019

318 Know the Importance of Child Care Centre
Most parents send their kids to child care in Dee Why or preschool for their child’s enrichment.
Posted on Jul-06-2019

355 Why Early Childhood Education is Important for Your Child
Sending your child to day-care can be overwhelming for you and your child.
Posted on Jun-13-2019

551 Gardening: Influences Your Child’s Body Brain and Soul
A study shows that by gardening, children develop new skills and learn about science and nature from growing their food. It’s a wrong notion that gardening is only for the elders and benefits them alone.
Posted on Mar-04-2019

408 Are You Nervous about Sending your Child to Childcare? Here are Some Things that can help
Call it child care centres Dee Why or a toddler learning centres, and these centres are where most kids spend the majority of their days when parents are off to work.
Posted on Jan-28-2019