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159 Common Steering Problems and How to Solve Them
Imagine you're driving to work, and suddenly, you feel the strange resistance from your steering wheel.
Posted on Feb-14-2023

151 Myths About Choosing An Auto Mechanic You Probably Still Believe
If you've never gone to an auto mechanic, the process can seem pretty intimidating. Most people feel confused about how to choose one that's right for them, and it can be easy to believe myths about auto mechanics – particularly if you don't really understand how cars work.
Posted on Nov-28-2022

152 Honda Car Owners: Watch Out For These Common Issues!
Honda has been in the automobile market for decades and has established itself as one of the top brands for reliability and safety. However, no car brand can stay on top without issues arising from time to time, especially with all the wear and tear that comes with regular use over years and years
Posted on Nov-28-2022

136 The Dangers of DIY Car Repair
With unlimited information available to car owners on the internet, it’s no wonder you’re inspired and want to fix your vehicle by yourself.
Posted on Jul-28-2022

131 Warnings Signs That Indicate Potential Brake Problems
According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, brake failures account for about 22% of all vehicle accidents caused by vehicular problems rather than the driver’s fault.
Posted on Jul-28-2022

292 Is Your Car Consuming More Fuel? Here Are Factors That Influence Fuel Efficiency
Why is my car consuming more fuel than normal? This is one of the most common questions that we have been asked.
Posted on Jul-11-2021

271 Key Benefits of Routine Car Maintenance
There’s no better option than Honda cars when it comes to reliability, safety, and durability.
Posted on Jul-11-2021

249 Everything You Need to Know About Car Brake Maintenance and Service
One of the most neglected yet vital parts of a car is the braking system. A car that won’t start is only inconvenient. A vehicle that can’t stop is very dangerous, risking the occupants and the surrounding vehicles on the road.
Posted on May-14-2021

403 Honda Engine Failure - Warning Signs That You Shouldn’t Overlook
It is important to take care of a car’s engine as it is the heart of a vehicle. Yet, it is often overlooked by most Honda owners.
Posted on May-12-2021

284 Warning Signs That Indicate Something Is Wrong With Your Acura
It is no wonder Acura is a reliable car that gives good mileage compared to other SUVs.
Posted on Feb-21-2021

320 Honda Engine Maintenance – Tips from a Honda Mechanic San Antonio, TX
Preventive maintenance is crucial to the lifespan of any car part. Of course, auto parts aren’t built to last forever.
Posted on Feb-21-2021

571 Why My Acura Won’t Start?
It can be so stressful when your car won’t start, especially when you are set to start your busy day. There are many reasons why your Acura won’t start. Modern cars are well-equipped to indicate the underlying issue within your car.
Posted on Aug-09-2020

378 Is Your Honda Overheating?
So, the temperature gauge spikes to the red zone on your dash, and the cluster lights up, indicating that your engine is too hot. There are many potential reasons why your car overheats. However, it may indicate an underlying problem that requires professional Honda mechanic San Antonio TX intervention.
Posted on Aug-04-2020

419 Honda Dashboard Warning Lights and What They Mean
One of the best parts about buying a new Honda car is the sense of security in knowing that you have a clean slate. Anything that could go wrong would be avoided by keeping up with Honda automotive repair and service.
Posted on Jun-03-2020

350 Love Your Car? Then Consider These Things!
We love our cars like our family.
Posted on Mar-10-2020

363 Preventive Maintenance You Need To Do On Your Honda Car
Your Honda car will most likely be the second biggest investment you will make in your lifetime next to your home. As it is constantly being used, it requires regular maintenance.
Posted on Jan-24-2020

354 Reasons to Regularly Service Your Honda Car
Hondas are among the best-selling vehicles in the US. They are known for excellent resale value, reliability, and fuel-efficiency
Posted on Dec-09-2019

486 Top 3 Regular Car Maintenance Tasks That You Should Do
Do you want to extend the lifetime of your Honda car? Then proper maintenance with the help of the leading Honda mechanic in San Antonio, TX is the way to go.
Posted on Dec-11-2018