Elise Simpson's Article in K 12 Education

280 4 Tips to Help with ESL Lesson Planning
Making lesson plans is a challenging task. Between the limited amount of planning time teachers have each week and the assortment of materials we have available .
Posted on Aug-23-2022

319 Engaging Activities and Lesson Plans for English
There’s no doubt everyone learns better when they’re having fun and engaged in various learning activities.
Posted on Jun-29-2022

268 The Best Digital Resources and Printable Teacher Lesson Plans
Are you looking for effective teaching resources that can be reused throughout your teaching career? Look no further than the Resources for Teaching website for all your classroom needs.
Posted on Mar-24-2022

347 Fun Learning Activities and Lesson Plans for Kindergarten
Did you know the average five-year-old child can focus on a task for approximately 10 to 25 minutes?
Posted on Dec-10-2021

360 2022 Teacher Planner with Lesson Plan Templates Aligned to the Australian Curriculum
It’s needless to say; teachers continue to have more and more responsibilities piled on their plates.
Posted on Dec-10-2021

324 Teach English Using Task Cards for Fun and Meaningful Experiences
Teachers can find a growing collection of classroom resources online.
Posted on Aug-10-2021

315 The Number One Teaching Website You Should Be Using
In the past, teachers would buy expensive books that contain worksheets and tasks to use with their students in the classroom.
Posted on Aug-10-2021

336 How Real-World Connections Help You Teach Literacy and Maths
Both English and Mathematics take up the biggest time allocation within a typical school.
Posted on Aug-10-2021

469 Making a Difference in the Classroom: What Works Best?
Great educators are constantly searching for ways to enhance learning outcomes for their students.
Posted on Jun-29-2021