Code Blue's Article in Success

851 Pave the Way with Courage for Success
A young man in Durant's found a job, after six months, he wanted to understand the president's evaluation on himself. Although he felt the busy president could ignore this matter, the young man decided to write a letter to the president. In his letter to the president, he asked a few questions, the last and most important question was: “Can I be more important position responsible for the more important work?”
Posted on Jan-14-2012

903 Discovery Is the Door to Success in This World
One young man took the train to a certain place. The train was driven in a deserted mountain road, and people were bored to look out the window one by one. There was a bend in front, so the train slowed down, then a simple cottage slowly entered into his vision. It was at this time that almost all of the passengers’ eyes were wide opened to appreciate this particular landscape from the lonely road trip. Some passengers began to talk about the house secretly.
Posted on Jan-04-2012

768 There Will Always Be a Seed for It
There was a girl. She did not go to college after graduating from high school, and was placed to teach in the primary school in her village. As a Result, less than a week she returned home.
Posted on Dec-07-2011

767 The Secret of Champions
He was 26 years old when he entered the Film Academy in American. This event was objected by his father seriously. His father told him: “every year, tens of thousands people to contest the role in New York Broadway, so it is hard to choose this way to achieve your dream.” But he still went to American alone, so what happened to him? After graduating, he could not get a job among six years.
Posted on Oct-28-2011