Chris Pavlis's Article in Home Security

468 Signs That Indicate You Need Security Guards
Any business regardless of the size can be the victim of illegal activity. Businesses such as retail outlets, banks, and convenience stores are prime targets of theft.
Posted on Dec-29-2020

460 Should you hire Security Guards for your Commercial Property!
It is a bitter truth that the world has become unsafe, and security has become a must. Statistics show that crime rate is on the rise and that no commercial or residential building is safe from vandals and burglars.
Posted on Nov-22-2020

489 Why should Businesses hire Security Guards from Reputable Security Companies?
Everybody wants to work or get their services from a place that they know is safe.
Posted on Jul-27-2020

653 Effective Strategies to Improve Your Facility’s Security
Like other companies out there, you would also focus on digital data breaches when preparing the defences.
Posted on Jun-19-2020

581 How Do You Secure A Gated Community From Intruders?
Gated communities are popular among Australia's middle class, as it offers a secure and a comfortable space to reside within the city.
Posted on Apr-23-2020

491 Tips to Select the Right Security Guards in Sydney
Are you in need of security guards in Australia? There are more security companies in Sydney who can fulfil your need with skilled and experienced security officers.
Posted on Apr-22-2019

499 Worried About Thefts? Get These Tips for Hiring a Security Service
A study reveals that the global market for private security services, which include private guarding, surveillance and armed transport, is estimated $180bn, and is expected to increase to $240bn by 2020.
Posted on Mar-05-2019