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How Are Persian Rug’s Price and Value Determined?

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So you are planning to invest in handmade Persian rugs.
So you are planning to invest in handmade Persian rugs. Well, you’ll be glad about investing in it as they are truly works of art. Each Persian rug is hand-woven by skilled weavers using traditional hand-knotting techniques. These types of rugs are popular in Australia for their craftsmanship, beauty, and rarity. As a result, they are very expensive compared to other types of rugs in the market. At any given time, certain types of rugs will be more popular than others. So, this sort of demand will create a higher value and price point. When shopping for Persian rugs, you’ll find many variations in material, colour, design, and weave. However, the price of Persian rugs for sale depends on several factors and here are they:-


The time taken to complete the rug is one of the biggest factors that greatly influence the cost of Persian rugs. Remember, Persian rugs are made entirely by hand.

Unlike machine-made rugs, a lot of work goes into making handmade Persian rugs. Right from sourcing the materials to weaving every single knot, it is all done without using any machinery. It takes a lot of time to weave a rug by hand, and it is like knitting x1000 times. While some take months, others consume years to get it completed. Hence, the cost is calculated based on the time spent on weaving each day, the materials used, and the size of the rug.


Materials used for weaving Persian rugs are a major factor that influences the price of these types of rugs. Silk rugs are hand-woven with a fine, durable silk thread with a silk foundation. While the silk rugs look stunning and alluring, it takes millions of knots to create the rug, giving a clear and detailed pattern. This makes it harder to create. Only very skilled and experienced artisans tend to work on the Persian rugs made of silk. You then have combination silk rugs that are made of wool and cotton foundation. The majority of Persian rugs are made of silk, wool, and cotton. Cotton is durable, and it can take longer to weave than a wool rug. The least expensive Persian rugs sale is the nomadic rugs made from wool.


See, rugs are like diamonds. The bigger the size, the prices are high and can shoot through the roof. If a rug is made with machinery, it is unlikely that it will impact the cost. But, this is not the case with a handmade rug. Every centimetre you add to the size of the rug is a couple of hundred knots for that size to create by hand. So, the bigger the size, the more time, material, and handwork is needed.


Persian rugs are available in a range of patterns, and each design has a different price. If the pattern of the rug is unique, then you’ll have to pay more.

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